Racing Team


Founded in 2009, KK MOTOR Racing Team was sponsored by the listed company of DeTeam Company Limited, and became the first Chinese team to participate in an international racing competition in 2011. The team now owns two original racing cars, a Lamborghini LP560 GT3 and AUDI R8 LMS. The German auto maker AUDI decides, for the first time, to provide technical supports to a Hong Kong racing team, and assist our team in all Asian tournaments.

The team has participated in:

1. Malaysia MME Racing 2010

2. Intercontinental Le Mans Cup – 1000Km Zhuhai

3. The 57th Macau Grand Prix (2010) – GT Cup

In the coming year, the team will take part in a number of international competitions, including the Word Touring Car Championship (WTCC), the Malaysia MME Racing 2011, Le Mans Rally in China, and Macau Grand Prix 2011. One of the most eye-catching events is the internationally significant WTCC tournament that consists of 24 races to be held in 12 countries.

In addition to a high-performance fleet, experienced racing drivers are equally indispensable in auto races. The team’s winning drivers include Marchy Lee (Lee), Alex Yoong (Alex Yoong), Matthew Marsh, and other famous figures.

We have confidence in achieving higher performance and better results in the coming races.

Race schedule and promotional offers:

We also organize the Track Day activity, which provides opportunities for different levels of drivers to enhance their driving skills and enjoy the sports with safety and pleasure. Experienced racing coaches will be at hand to share their expertise and know-how in driving.