General maintenance and services

We provide comprehensive and professional one-stop services, including modification, coating, auto beauty, tune up, repair, and power package installation. To meet different demands of our customers, KK Motor now offers full transportation from your car park to our facility. We ensure that your vehicle’s transportation is done in a professional and orderly manor, allowing you to rest assured your vehicle is in good hands. Additional providing towing service locally and cross-boundary.

Professional conversion

As an agent of numerous auto brands, KK MOTOR is in a ready position to perform all kinds of car modifications.

We have be awarded numerous for car modifications, and participated in difference Auto Shows around the world. We provide a broad range of modification and engine tuning for performance upgrade, and other services such as engine optimization, adjustment, conversion, or internal build with our experienced and responsible mechanics. Successful cases include a Porsche Cayman upgraded its engine from 295 to 600 horsepower.

To achieve even higher service level, our Chief Engineer participate training in Italy regularly. And sharing his experience on media in Hong Kong via difference channels, included TV Broadcast, and radio programs. We are confident that our expertise and knowledge on the unique functions of super cars are unmatched by usual auto technicians in the market.

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